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Refund Policy - SysData®

Refund Policy indicates that the returns for the downloaded software solutions (under valid circumstances) are governed by SysData Software and the right to claim for refund for the downloaded software solution(s) lasts for stipulated time duration. The refund policy is applicable for the period of 30 days from the date the software is purchased from SysData Software.

Use of DEMO Version is Recommended Prior to Make an Order

SysData Software recommends to carefully read the terms and conditions related to the Refund Policy as the important guidelines can be understood thoroughly and refund procedure can be executed successfully and efficiently. We endeavor to provide the best services, products and offerings to the valued users; but if due to any known or unknown reasons, beyond the defined limitations of SysData Software or due to any unavoidable circumstances, the order is not delivered in the specified timeline; it can be cancelled and thereafter refunded.

In case, if the product is delivered, but later on cancelled due to the manufacturing fault, incorrect delivery or any other reasons; the refund shall be requested and will be processed following a pre-defined procedure.

For claiming the returns, you need to submit a completed and signed 'Request Application' within a fixed time period. Refunds will be made only after receiving the application and the formalities will be completed by following a pre-defined course of action. SysData Software is not responsible for the delays that take place due to misdirected mail, improper handling of emails, etc.

Refund Terms

The orders can be cancelled and the refund will only be made in the following case(s):

  • The product ordered is out of stock.
  • If a customer requests to cancel the order; under genuine\valid conditions.
  • The email address for delivery of the product is found to be incorrect.
  • The reason(s) that exists beyond the control of the SysData Software.

When Refund Cannot Be Claimed?

The refund for the software products cannot be claimed in the following conditions:

  • Download issues\ failure or any sorts of communication delays.
  • Accidental purchase of any software product by the client.
  • Any sort of delays beyond the control of SysData Software.
  • Customer has not requested technical support before submitting refund request; or,
  • Customer has contacted technical support but has not provided sufficient information to identify the issue; or,
  • Customer has not followed the instructions given by support team in order to attempt to solve the issue.
  • Lost, incorrect or misdirected emails.
  • If the mail is marked as Junk or Spam.
  • If the pre-requisites or the specifications required to download and operate the software are not fulfilled by the client's computer.
  • Inability to process the activation key due to weekend or national holidays.
  • Misinterpretation of the promotional material or published advertisement.
  • If the intended purpose for buying the software is fulfilled and the client does not wish to keep the software product anymore; the claim cannot be made.
  • Several errors can be rectified from a remote location if the client gives the permission to do so; but if the client is not willing to offer remote access to the technical executive or deny to upload associated files on the FTP Server; the refund cannot be claimed.
  • If the client tried to execute the software for getting output or results beyond what the software actually offers; client is not eligible to claim the refund.

Refund Process

  • Kindly contact SysData Software via email or chat to send the request for refund. Refund can be claimed on the following email address: or
  • You need to provide the information mentioned below to enable us process the refund request in an efficient manner:
    • Your Name
    • Your email address
    • Software name
    • Software license details
    • Product order number
    • Reason for refund
      Note: Providing an accurate reason for software malfunctioning can help us improve the future versions of the product.
  • The team will authenticate the request by examining the reason, product, timeline, warranty terms, etc.
  • If the reason provided by the user is found to be valid; the request is then accepted for the refund.
  • The refund is then made to the registered account by following a defined refund procedure and guidelines.

SysData Software strictly recommends that DEMO Version of the software products must be utilized to test the functional procedures as well as the associated system specifications and the order should be made thereafter. This will help understand the overall working criteria prior to purchase.

Note: The software solutions and the services offered by SysData Software are pre-tested to provide 100% customer satisfaction and delivered thereafter.