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This website is SysData Software's intellectual property and all the components are subject to copyright. SysData Software owns the content, including the graphics, logo, text, designs, icons and all existing data and copying of this data in any terms is punishable under the Copyright laws. You may not reproduce, crop, adapt, decompile, distribute, transmit, store, disassemble, print or publish any of the components in any forms or under any means for commercial use, without SysData Software's prior consent in written format.

The software products are governed by the accredited, licensed terms and you are liable for any sort of misuse whatsoever. Publication as well as distribution of the website content wholly or partly is a punishable offense.

SysData Software reserves the rights to modify, change, edit or remove any component of the website at any time without any prior notice.

Rights & Permissions

  • For any kind of queries related to the usage of the copyright material, you may contact the SysData Software concerned department.
  • For resolving queries regarding the licensing or usage of SysData Software trademarks, concerned personnel can be contacted.
  • For use of SysData Software copyright material in non- commercial work such as academic projects, thesis, journals, etc.; you may require to submit the undermentioned particulars:
    • Image or any other content for which the permit is required.
    • Publishing date and other data.
    • Publisher details (if applicable).
    • Target Date of the Project.
    • Description that how the SysData Software content fulfills the motive of the project.

Intellectual Property Rights

  • You are solely accountable for the information or any relevant data upload, input, transmit or entered into this website by you. None of the data provided by you, represents the ideas and opinions of SysData Software.
  • If you do not hold authorization for the above right, it is requested that you may do not input, transmit, upload or provide information in any way to this website through any means.
  • In case, if you are aware of any probable or actual infringement of the content or any of the components of this website; or an infringement notice is required in accordance with the regulations or the applicable laws; kindly submit the notification to SysData Software. In such cases, SysData Software will proceed in accordance to the corresponding procedures as well as the applicable laws.
  • Upon the receipt of a breach of code or infringement notice from a copyright holder, SysData Software will remove or disable user access or may take appropriate actions to the suspected infringing services or content according to the applicable laws.
  • SysData Software reserves all the right to verify your use of the website and the validity of the membership you hold (if any) after you visit the website or at any instance of time (whenever required). SysData Software also reserves the rights to disqualify you from using the website; if you are found to be engaged in any unethical activities that may harm the website or any of its contents.
  • Failure of SysData Software to enforce any of the applicable rights against the violation of the copyright laws and treaties does not imply that you are allowed to violate the copyright laws.